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6ES7 214-1AD23-0XB0 SIMATIC S7-200 CPU 224 Compatible with PLC

6ES7 214-1AD23-0XB0 SIMATIC S7-200 CPU 224 Compatible with PLC

6ES7 214-1AD23-0XB0 SIMATIC S7-200 CPU 224 Compatible with PLC

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Place of Origin: Guang Dong
Brand Name: Jetacon
Certification: UL, CE
Model Number: 6ES7 214-1AD23-0XB0

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Minimum Order Quantity: 2 Pieces
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Packaging Details: Standard Export Carton
Delivery Time: 7-20 working days
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Supply Ability: 1KK poles monthly
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Detailed Product Description

Completely compatible with plc S7 200 software,CPU and Extension Module,
It can perfectly replace each other Plc step 7-MICRO / WIN programming software supported.
 Central Processing Unit CPU  S7 200 PLC Part No.  plc model
8 input/6 output, Transistor 6ES7 212-1AB23-0XB0 CPU 222, DC PS, 8DI DC/6DO DC
8 input/6 output, Relay 6ES7 212-1BB23-0XB0 CPU 222, AC PS, 8DI DC/6DO RELAY
14 input/10 output, Transistor 6ES7 214-1AD23-0XB0 CPU 224, DC PS, 14DI DC/10DO DC
14 input/10 output, Relay 6ES7 214-1BD23-0XB0 CPU 224, AC PS, 14DI DC/10DO RELAY
14 input/10 output, Transistor; 2 point analog input,1 point analog output  6ES7 214-2AD23-0XB0 CPU224XP, DC PS, 14DI DC/10DO DC/2AI/1AO
14 input/10 output, Relay; 2 point analog input,1 point analog output 6ES7 214-2BD23-0XB0 CPU224XP,AC PS,14DI DC/10DO REL./2AI/1AO
24 input/16 output, Transistor 6ES7 216-2AD23-0XB0 CPU 226, DC PS, 24DI DC/16DO DC
24 input/16 output, Relay 6ES7 216-2BD23-0XB0 CPU 226, AC PS, 24DI DC/16DO RELAY

6ES7 214-1AD23-0XB0 SIMATIC S7-200 CPU 224 Compatible with PLC
6ES7 214-1AD23-0XB0 SIMATIC S7-200 CPU 224 Compatible with PLC


Technical specifications  
Model CPU224 DC/DC/DC
Dimensions(W x H x D)(mm) 120.5×80×62
Power consume 7W
With run mode edit 25K bytes
Without run mode edit 50K bytes
Data memory 20408bytes
Local digital inputs 14 inputs
Local digital outputs 10 outputs
Digital I/O image size 256(128 inputs/128 outputs)
Analog I/O image size 64(32 inputs/32 outputs)
expansion modules allowed (Max) 7 modules
Pulse catch inputs 14
High-speed counters 6 counters total
Two phase 4 at 20KHz
Pulse outputs 2 at 20KHz(DC outputs only)
Timer Total number:256(1ms:4;10ms:16;100ms:236)
Time interrupts 2 with1ms resolution
Real Time Clock Built-in
Communications Built-in
Ports 2 RS-485 ports, within1standard  PPI port
PPI Baud Rates 9.6,19.2 and 187.5 kbaud
Max. number of stations 32 per segment, 126 per network
Max. number of masters 32
Input voltage 20.4 to 28.8 V DC
Inrush current 12A at 28.8 V DC
Isolation(field to logic) Not isolated
Sensor voltage L+ minus 5 V
Current limit 1.5A peak,thermal limit non-destructive
Isolation (sensor to logic) Not isolated
CPU Digital Input Specifications
Built-in digital input 14 inputs
Rated voltage 24 V DC at 4mA
Surge voltage 35 V DC for 0.5s
Logic “1”  voltage range 15 to 30 V DC
Logic “0”  voltage range 0 to 5 V DC
Isolation (field to logic) Yes
Isolation groups Refer to Wiring diagram
High Speed Counter (HSC) input rate  
HSC logic level 1(15 TO 26 VDC) 30K Hz (Single phase), 20K Hz (Tow phase),
Cable length Max.  
Shielded 500m normal inputs, 50m HSC inputs
CPU Digital Output Specifications
Built-in outputs 10 outputs
Rated voltage 24 V DC
Voltage range 20.4 to 28.8 V DC
Logic “1”  (Min) 20 V DC,at maximum current
Logic “0”  (Max) 0.1 V DC with 10KΩ load
Rated current per common(Max) 6A
Lamp load (Max) 5W
Inductive clamp voltage L+ minus 48 V DC, 1w dissipation
Optical (galvanic, field to logic) 500 VAC for 1 minute
Isolation groups Refer to wiring diagram
Off to on 2µs(Q0.0,Q0.1), 15µs(others)
On to off 10µs(Q0.0,Q0.1), 130µs(others)
Cable Length (Shielded) 500m
Cable Length (unshielded) 150m
 Number 6ES7 214-1AD23-0XB0


6ES7 214-1AD23-0XB0 SIMATIC S7-200 CPU 224 Compatible with PLC


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